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before & aftercare

how to arrive for your appointment

Arriving with eyes free of makeup means less clean up and more time for lash application! Please make sure to remove all makeup before your appointment with an oil-free makeup remover for optimal bonding. It would be best to discontinue the use of mascara a few days before your appointment. Mascara leaves a residue on your lashes that will stop the glue from bonding & cause your extensions to fall off prematurely.


  • drink caffeine or other highly caffeinated drinks before your appointment (if at all possible)

  • chew gum during your appointment

  • curl your lashes before your appointment

  • wear contact lenses to your appointment if you have sensitive eyes. (please wear glasses).


  • keep talking to a minimum during application, your eyes flutter & move which slows the stylist down.

  • let your stylist know if the light or eye pads are bothering you. Adjustments can be made to keep you comfortable.

  • silence your phone


For the first 24 hours you should avoid-

  • exposure to heat (steam, sauna)

  • friction

  • application of eye & eyelash cosmetics

  • all oil-based products

  • sleeping on your face/lashes

  • receiving chemical treatments (such as eyelash tinting or perming)

  • receiving irritating eye-area treatments (such as strong chemical peels, skin-resurfacing procedures, or laser treatments.) 


After the first 24 hours-


Make sure to cleanse your lashes daily using an oil-free cleanser. Avoiding cleansing will cause a buildup of oils & bacteria, this can cause a breakdown of the glue & a buildup of potentially harmful bacteria.


Although the lash adhesive has cured by now, persistent exposure to moisture, steam, heat, incompatible cosmetics, & friction from rubbing or sleeping may impact the durability of the adhesive bond. Therefore excessive exposure to heat, steam, sauna, and friction should be avoided entirely. 


For the best retention please avoid-

  • all products in your skincare and makeup routine that are waterproof and/or contain mineral oil & propylene glycol

       (double check your eye creams, cleansers, & serums)

  • mechanical lash curlers

  • waterproof mascara

  • touching and/or pulling your lashes & extensions

  • sleeping on your face/lashes

  • rubbing your eyes

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