How do you choose the right lash extensions? Which service is right for you? This can be challenging because every salon has a different name for the types of lashes that are out there. Lets break it down...


Classic lashes- also know as faux mink, silk or synthetic. Classic lashes are a synthetic fiber with a silk finish. They are lightweight, flexible and very comfortable. This type of extension comes in many different lengths & thicknesses. Because it is so versatile, an artistic & experienced lash professional will be able to create a variety of looks. Depending on what the client is wanting to achieve, it could be very natural to extremely dramatic.

mega volume

Volume lashes– I was against volume lashes in the beginning. They were very heavy which was unsafe for the lash follicle. They were also very thick at the base of the extension which caused them to be plucked out while brushing, often prematurely taking the natural lash with it. Inexperienced lash technicians were using these fans as a shortcut to create volume but they were not isolating the individual lash which resulted in lashes being glued into clumps. The volume fans would then shed leaving large, undesirable bare spots.
Volume lashes have come a long way, they are now lighter and have a thin base that lines up with the natural lash. We use extremely thin extensions to build a fan of up to 15. Our volume techniques never damage the integrity of your natural lashes whatsoever because they weigh so little they equal the weight of 1 classic extension or 1 natural lash. With this service, we only put a fan on the adult lashes. This allows the baby lashes to grow out stronger than ever. If you have been looking for a fuller, denser lash line, this is the service for you!


lift & tint

This service is a great alternative to lash extensions. If you don't have time for the maintenance involved with getting fills or if you have sensitive eyes that react to extensions or medical grade adhesive, this service is for you! We use a lifting lotion & silicone rods to lift your natural eyelashes, making them look longer & fuller. We us a superior formula with conditioners & keratin. After you have achieved the perfect curl with the lash lift application, liven up your new look with a lash tint to get a dark, full, natural lash line. This service lasts 6-8 weeks & includes a complimentary lash tint in between lift services. 



Full Set 2 hours $200
Regular Fill 75 minutes $80
Mini Fill 45 minutes $55
Extended Fill 90 minutes $110

New Client Fill 75 minutes $95


Full Set 2.5 hours $275
Regular Fill 75 minutes $90
Mini Fill 45 minutes $65
Extended Fill 90 minutes $135

New Client Fill 75 minutes $110


Lash Lift $100
Lash Tint $20


Brow tint   $30
Brow wax   $25